PiKVM comparison

PiKVM documentation: https://docs.pikvm.org/

V3 P.A.

V3 hat

V4 Mini V4 Plus
Main computing unit RPi4 CM4 CM4
1920x1200 @ 60 HDMI video support with sound
Improved compatibility for many UEFI and BIOS
USB key/mouse/mass storage emulation
USB host support (external USB device ports)
Additional USB storage support (internal USB port)

RJ-45 console port
Cooling system Axial fan Fanless quiet Advanced with radial fan
Locator LED
Power consumption in idle mode 3.3W 2.65W 3.3W
External antenna support
WiFi* WiFi*/LTE**
mPCI-e slot with USB lines for LTE/5G cards


* Requires optional 1x 2.4GHz/5.8GHz Antenna kit for CM4 or equivalent per PiKVM

** Requires optional mPCI LTE card and antenna kit

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