Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes, we accept PO’s for orders over $200. Please note that we only offer net 30 terms to public bodies such as schools, school boards, and libraries.

Please place the order on our website first and select PO/Cheque/Other as a payment option. This way the stock will be allocated for your order and it will be processed automatically when we receive the PO. At this point, there is no payment commitment/obligation. We will place the order on hold and will wait for a cheque or a PO for 7 days. If we don’t receive a PO/payment (and you don’t request to hold it longer) the order will be canceled

When you place the order you will receive an email confirmation with the exact pricing, taxes, quantities, etc. that you can just copy and paste into your PO form.

We will ship the order as soon as we get the PO referencing that order number. Please email POs to

If you need a vendor form to be completed – please send it to and we will return it completed promptly.

Our vendor/company details: Inc.
30 West Ayre St
Newport, DE 19804
Attn: Vas Lazutin

This information will also be in the order confirmation that you will receive as soon as you place the order.

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