I have a problem with a product. What should I do?

First: don't panic! :) We will make sure it's resolved to your satisfaction and you are happy with the product you ordered.

Please follow these 3 steps in order to resolve any problem:

1. Quickly search this portal for a known problem/solution. Just type a keyword about your problem or product in the search field on the main page.

2. If no solution is available we advise to check vendor's support portal and post the problem on the vendor's forum. If you are having a problem with any of our Raspberry Pi kits or Raspberry Pi boards - please skip this step and go straight to step 3.

There are two main reasons we ask our customers to post issues/questions on vendors' forums:

  • Almost 50% problems are resolved at that stage. We carry over 1,000+ of different products and, unfortunately, cannot be experts in all these products. Sorry :(
  • This allows us to keep track of the products that were replaced and document the reasons for replacements

3. If you haven't found a solution, please send us an email with some details of the problem, including the link to the vendor's forum post if available. We will reply within 24hrs.

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